Yup…..Must Be January!

Yup….Must Be January!

New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, get in better shape, blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, it is all wonderful! I commend you and I hope you stay with it.

But boy or boy it is hysterical come January to see the parking lot at my health club.

I work out at Life Time Fitness,    an extremely large facility. The one by my home is one of their largest in the country I believe with something like 350,000 sq. ft or some crazy number. Plus four pools, spa, cafe, 4 water slides, outdoor umbrellas, outdoor grill, yoga room…..you get the picture.

So yesterday I go to work out about 8:30 AM (I don’t normally workout on Saturday unless I haven’t gotten there much during the week); and oops, forgot it was January! I had to park in the back forty literally!

The parking lot is huge as you can imagine with a facility that size and it was packed. I had to park at the furthest end instead of in my normal 4th or 5th row. I easily walked a block and a half from my car to the front door. Granted I am there for the exercise but when it is 12 degrees and even lower with the windchill it is BBbrrrrrr.

When I came out of the facility about 10:30 it was even worse! Cars were circling watching for people to leave because there weren’t any spaces, cars were parked along drive paths. It was crazy!

But, it will be a little better in March, and much better come April. Then we will see the phenomenon all over again next January. But for the short term….I’ll be walking a little further each day!

If the gym is part of your New Year’s Resolution stick with it! Make the rest of us walk a long distance the rest of the year, not just January!