You Know those Cheap Bundles of Flowers You Grab at the Grocery Store? Make ‘Um Look Like a Florist Bouquet.

Rather than bringing some flowers wrapped in tissue for your next hostess gift, or opening up the tissue and just putting them into a vase, make them look like you spent $40 at the flower shop.

All it takes is an inexpensive small rectangle or square vase from Walmart or the Dollar Store and some fun ribbon from the clearance bin at the craft store. The square or rectangle vases bring a modern flair to the arrangement.

Cut the stems down so the flowers will be only slightly taller than the vase. Tie a ribbon around the vase and you are done! It’s that easy.

I bought a few vases at Walmart and keep them on hand for my own use or if I need a quick hostess gift. This is also a great way to welcome your guest by putting an arrangement in their bedroom upon arrival. I have ribbon in various colors and patterns for different occasions.

My husband brings home flowers from the grocery store or farmer’s market quite frequently. This is a bouquet he brought home recently and put into a tall vase. It is pretty? Sure. Flowers are always pretty. But……….

Flower Bouquet


……… can it be eye catching instead? Absolutely. A few snipes, shorter vase to make the arrangement appear fuller, a cute ribbon and a $7 grocery store bouquet is easily made into a whimsical arrangement.


New Bouquet