Would You Rather Sell a Beige Home or a Purple and Orange Home? Staging a Home Minneapolis, MN

Would You Rather Sell a Beige Home or a Purple and Orange Home?

Staging a Home Minneapolis, MN

That sounds like a trick question doesn’t it? Home Staging is all about appealing to the masses so everyone can love the home. If the buyer likes traditional they can love the home; if they like modern they can love the home.

Home Stagers around the globe stress neutral, neutral, neutral. But really?? Does neutral mean Boring? Beige?

It Depends……Ha, hate that answer!

Pictures speak a thousand words. Keep in mind buyers only have ‘pictures’ when they walk into a home which are the actual rooms in front of them. They aren’t reading the listing details at that time.

Let’s take a beautiful brand new model home. Walls and carpet color – Perfect. Neutral so no one has to walk in and think about changing them.


The reason this is perfect is because you find Beige for the big ticket items that are difficult to change or that would involve a lot of time or money to change.

Beige paint is great….keeping in mind all beige colors are not created equal!!! Some are boring, some are pinkish, worse yet some are fleshy colored….yikes!

Beige carpet is perfect but again keeping in mind ‘off white’ is a form of beige but isn’t the color buyers want to see today.

But will this wow them into signing a purchase agreement?

Let’s talk about the emotional pieces of the home. The pieces that draws a buyer in; making them say “Aaahhh…..I want to live here”.

Should those pieces be boring…..beige?

Maybe this will help the beige:



Yes…..who would think that purple and orange may help to sell a home. But it will!

The color should be in the little things, in the things that make it a home.


This home can still be traditional if the buyer chooses. It can be hip and modern if they choose. A traditional sofa mixed with hip Purple Argyle Chairs is the perfect balance.

If purple chairs aren’t enough….how about orange accents in the artwork and the pillows.



Followed by orange and purple artwork in the dining room and dinnerware. And of course more fun chairs.



Follow that color scheme in the Master Bedroom. A very traditional bedroom set mixed with modern black and white linens and purple accents.



Impact. Drama. That’s what you want to make your home standout from the others.



So would you Rather Sell a Beige Home or a Purple and Orange Home?

The answer………… a combination of both!



A Professional Home Stager can create the scene your buyers want to see when they walk in. They want neutral but they want to be WOWED! Give them Wow!

Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign has years of experience in creating just the right combination of neutral and wow. Contact them today to give your listing all the advantages.

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