Why Stage Your Home? Here’s why: 330 Days on the Market THEN a Home Staging in St. Paul, MN sells it FIVE Days Later!!!

330 Days on the Market then…….Home Staging in St. Paul MN sells it 5 Days later!!

Yes, approximately 330 days on the market and then a home stager was brought in. What a transformation. This house is magnificent and because of that the owner thought the bones of the home alone would sell it.

New Paint and Old Carpets Gone!

As you can see it had very dated gray carpet and very cold gray paint. It did nothing for the architectural features of this 1928 house. The owner listened to the advise and pulled up the carpet, refinished the floors (STUNNING) and repainted the cold walls. As you can see this alone was a HUGE improvement.

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The owner also listened to the home stager’s advice and brought in fresh furnishings to replace the very tired limited furniture. This really created a “WOW” factor and showed the home at its full potential.

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Yes, the owner did invest some money to do this but it paid off. Not only were they thrilled with the results but they got an offer 5 days later.

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Home Staging is important any time in the process but before the home is ever listed is the best. This home is almost 6000 sq. ft so although they spent some money to update it, if they had done it from the beginning they may have saved 11 months of carrying costs such as heat, electricity, and insurance ; not to mention the daily trips to the home to check on it.

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At the second Realtor Open for the ‘unveiling’ of the new and improved home , Realtor’s mouths literally dropped for those that had seen it before. The purchase agreement says it all.


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