When Selling A Home – All Square Footage is Important…Especially Right Inside the Front Door.

When I first viewed this house to provide a vacant home staging bid before the homeowners moved out, I noticed the wasted square footage right inside the front door. First impressions are key and I was left a little confused when entering this beautiful home.

The homeowner admitted they never knew what to do with the space so they just kind of left it. If a potential buyer liked to dance it would be perfect! There was even space for a few chairs against the wall to take a rest from dancing. It was a huge space.

It is important to show the buyer how they can use all the spaces in a home.

A cozy hearth area was a perfect solution. A wonderful place to gather with friends for a glass of wine while dinner is cooking right next door in the kitchen. Or a wonderful area for the neighbors to have a cup of coffee and chat when they drop by.

Before and After Hearth Areas

Heath Area


Don’t leave valuable square footage without a purpose. Show the buyer what it can be……..a professional home stager can assist with those tough and awkward spaces.