What Is A Home Staging Consultation?

Providing Home Staging Consultations for sellers is a very large part of my business. Many Realtors offer a Home Staging Consultation with every listing because they know just how important it is to get the home in top selling condition. It will normally make their job easier in getting your home sold and for top dollar.



You can have your home showing like a model home no matter how old it is!

So….what takes place during a consultation? A lot, really a lot. It may differ between Home Stagers but for me this is how the process works:

The consultation normally takes about 1 1/2 hours on average. It may be a little less time, it may be more as every home is different but that is an average time invested in the process up front.

I typically walk room to room with the home owner telling them everything, and I mean everything, that I think they need to do to get the home ready for selling.

It may be paint colors: Nothing too dark or too taste specific. Like this…..


It may be updates: Get rid of brass and other outdated finishes.

It may be repairs: I see everything. LOL

I discuss cleaning. What has to be cleaned, how it needs to be cleaned (tooth brush clean), and maybe some items that I think will help solve the cleaning issues.

I go over furniture placement. THIS IS KEY AND SO IMPORTANT. I have never left a house where I haven’t suggested moving things around. Traffic flow and utilizing the space appropriately for showings and photos is a big deal. Rooms need to look cozy but not crowded.  DSC_0003An easy traffic flow must be thought out.


I discuss Home Staging Do’s and Don’ts, I advise you of things that need to be taken out and packed away and I also advise you of items that need to be brought in. The things brought in can be just as important as the things taken out. I am not talking furniture pieces necessarily but they could be.

At the end of the Home Staging Consultation I try to assist the seller in prioritizing their list. Many times they are on a tight schedule, tight budget or all of the above. Knowing what is most important and what can be let go if needed can save on sleepless nights.

If you are selling your home, be sure to talk to a Realtor that knows the importance of Home Staging and the importance of bringing in a Professional.


Shar Sitter, owner Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN.

CHSE and APSD Home Stager Pro Trainer