What Does Your Place of Business Say About You? Home Staging/Redesign Minneapolis, MN

What Does Your Place of Business Say About You?

Home Staging / Redesign in Minneapolis, MN.

It doesn’t matter where it is, first impressions are always important. Yes, in homes. But what about places of business?

I believe a first impression in your office is extremely important. It tells everyone who you are. It tells clients, employees, and even vendors.

What is greeting people when they walk into your place of business?

Is the place for them to sit and wait something like this? Forcing them to sit close to someone they don’t know? Leaving them to wonder if your ideas are as outdated as your furnishings?


Sofa in Entry


Perhaps this may better reflect you, your business, your modern ideas, and who you are.


Entry Sofa After


Does a “dunce” chair in the alcove make an inviting space?


Entry Alcove Before


Or would this be a perfect space for a built-in cabinet to hold your fliers and brochures?


Entry Alcove After


So think about the impression you are setting for your business and clients. Does it reflect you and what you want to convey to your clients?

If not, Rooms With Style can create the look that does give the correct impression.


Entry After


Let your clients know who you are. Let your clients want to be in your space.

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