What Does Sex Trafficking and Home Staging Have In Common?

What Does Sex Trafficking and Home Staging Have in Common?

That isn’t a question just to get you wondering what this post is about. This post really is about sex trafficking and Home Staging.

They have a lot in common. Really.

Even more so, it has to do with using your God given talents to help others. I use mine to help women coming off the streets that have been caught in the horrific sex trafficking trade.

My latest was to volunteer my time to a Non-profit organization that provides apartments to women that were able to escape this horrible situation. This apartment was to be for a young 18 year old girl who had given birth 3 months prior while she was just 17.

These are not luxury apartments, they are not in nice apartment buildings and they are not in a great area of town. They are places that most of us wouldn’t want to enter.

But to them it is a palace.

This is pretty common what I see when I enter. One room…it is the kitchen, the bedroom, the dining room and the living room. But hey….I am a Home Stager. I see potential! Ha.


One room apartment



The bathrooms are usually disgusting.




These women coming off the streets have nothing. And I mean nothing. It takes very little to help.

Let’s create a dining room shall we?? A donated table and some cafe chairs from a flea market painted a fun color.


Dining Area


Dishes from the dollar store, artwork from ,my warehouse and a Dining Room fit for a Queen.


Dining Room


The only thing I make sure of is that the mattress, box spring and bedding is brand spanking new.




The bed has not been a safe place for them and now I want it to be a place of total comfort and peace.





A little touch of chocolates on the bed and fresh flowers on the dresser to make them smile.




A donated bedroom set and a chair and that really is all there is room for but it is so much more than she has had. Really….she has nothing.


Living Room


Donated kettles in the cabinets, a few groceries to get her started.



A new shower curtain and towels from Kmart.




……….and now there is a home for a girl and her baby.


Do you agree? Does Sex Trafficking and Home Staging have a lot in common?

What are your talents that you can share with someone?


Good with numbers? Help a new widow reconcile a checkbook for the first time.

Good with organization? Help a single Mom organize her child’s toys.

Good with paperwork? Help an elderly person fill out medicare or social security forms.


***Interested in how and why I started donating my time? Check out my original post “Do You Have A Dream? Let Me Tell You a Story”