What a Way to End My Day – Successful Redesign in Minneapolis, MN!!

I just got home from a tiring day; running all over the metro to take “before” photos, appointments, tax forms to pick up, post office, and all of it in bad traffic and slick roads due to a nuisance snow fall. I hadn’t had time to check my Blackberry so when I opened my email I was thrilled to find the following testimonial:


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“Our family decided to turn our unfinished basement into a family room.  We didn’t really have a vision for the room – nor did we know how to break up the space,  We thought about getting an architectural designer in – but that was going to cost us $2500 just to hear his thoughts.

 That’s when we hired Shar – and we are so glad we did!  She sat with us and heard our ideas.  She worked with the company doing the remodel and was our ally in discussions.  She was incredibly creative with the space – not to mention coming up with wonderful ideas for furniture, heating and lighting.

 Not only do we think Shar saved us literally thousands of dollars – but the process was fun!  She was never condescending (even when she knew she was right!).  She always provided us with options, and then more options.  She worked with our young daughter to design the bathroom, and let her create a space that made her feel like she was really designing her own space.

 We couldn’t say more about Shar.  We will never even think about remodeling anything in our house (or office) without contacting her.”

So how’s that for an end to my day!!