Vacant Home Staging, Golden Valley, MN – From Cold to Cozy and Charming!

Rooms With Style was recently called to complete a vacant home staging in this newly refurbished and updated home in Golden Valley, MN. The home is stunning with beautiful detailing.

The problem was the buyer could not differentiate between the living area and the dining area. Although the wiring had been completed, the builder chose to not add a dining room light fixture so the new home owner could place it exactly where they wanted it. Great idea but it did leave some confusion.

The dining space is small but appears so much smaller when it is vacant. The living area is also small making it difficult for the buyer to imagine how the furniture will be place in this open room floor plan. In addition, the room echoed and was cold and sterile. 

The rooms are now well defined and cozy. Home Staging can make a HUGE difference! Which do you think the buyer can visualize themselves living in?


Living Room




Living Room/Dining Room


Don’t let your listings be cold and stark. Have a Professional Home Stager turn them into a charming and cozy home that anyone would want to move into.