Updating A Home for Sale – An Example from A Home Staging in St. Paul, MN

Updating a home is so important before you list your home for sale. Here is a perfect example of the difference it can make with this Home Staging in St. Paul, MN.

The owner is a 92 year old woman. She is a sweetheart and still sassy but had to move to assisted living. She had lived in this home for 60 years! How cool is that!

Many things needed to be updated but even on a tight budget we were able to make HUGE improvements.

First: Rip out the old, dirty and worn carpet. Show off the hard wood floors underneath! Hardwood floors are a huge selling feature and even if it isn’t in the budget to refinish the floors, let the buyer see what they have to work with.

Second: Paint!! It gives the house a much needed updated look with new colors and just as important it freshens up the space.

Note: The dated paneling surrounding the fireplace was painted to match the walls giving it an instant update.

Second Note: Painting the fireplace bricks would have been a further update that I would recommend but in this case we were unable to make that change.

Diego Lane

Third: Take down dated curtains. Having nothing on the windows is better than old!

Diego Lane2

Fourth: Bring in modern furnishings. This shows the home at it’s FULL potential not leaving the buyer in any doubt how fabulous it can look.

Diego Lane3

Diego Lane1

Diego Lane4

What a difference. If you need some assistance updating your home for sale give Rooms With Style a call. We will work within your budget, give you tips and help you prioritize the best places to spend your dollars.