‘Tis The Season….to Pay It Forward. With Cookies!

We need to pay it forward throughout the year but there is something about the Holidays with people hurting, no families, no money for gifts for the kids, health issues and so on, that should propel us to help others. Maybe it is because we can look at what we have and know how blessed we are.

I think the best way to Pay It Forward is by using your gifts and what you enjoy doing to bless others. For instance I love to bake. So about 15 years ago I started baking plates of cookies for those that are shut-in. My church goes Christmas caroling to folks in their nursing home rooms, homes or apartments and after caroling they give them a plate of home made cookies.

That’s where I come in! One day a year I put on my Chef apparel and hit the flour and sugar and have at it.




 I love to try at least a few new recipes each year but of course there are always the old standbys that you just have to make like Spritz, Ginger Cookies, Fudge, Caramels and the ever popular Peanut Blossoms!!

20 – 25 hours later (yes I bake on a couple other days as well) the plates are assembled and delivered to the church.






Oh….and of course there are the dishes which isn’t my gifting at all! 🙂        DSCN1060


So what do you enjoying doing? How can you turn that into a blessing to others? Ringing the bell for the Salvation Army as you sing a Christmas Carol or just reaching out with a smile? Assisting at parties for those less fortunate, helping at a Day Care or School?

So many ways to Pay It Forward and there is a lot of time left to do it!



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