There are Two Reasons a Home Doesn’t Sell…..It’s Overpriced or It’s Ugly.

There are Two Reasons a Home Doesn’t Sell…..It’s Overpriced or It’s Ugly. I heard this phrase on a television show on HGTV and it has always stuck in my head.

There is so much truth to this simple statement. One can say…”Well, a bad location on a busy road is why it isn’t selling”. True, but than the price would reflect the bad location. Someone will be willing to overlook the busy road, if it is not overpriced based on the less than ideal location.

Or a potential buyer may say…”I refuse to buy this house as I’ll be spending days removing the wallpaper”. Again true, but that means the house is probably ugly. If people don’t like wallpaper they won’t like the house. If they like wallpaper but not that pattern, they won’t like the house. It doesn’t matter that you the seller likes the wallpaper, it may be “ugly” in the eye of the buyer and that is all that matters. Take the wallpaper down.

Many times sellers think their house is the exception to the rule. That their house is great, that it warrants a higher price, that they don’t need a Home Stager because they have the best decorating and it was expensive.

You may have expensive decorating but if it is too overdone or too taste specific it won’t appeal to the majority of the buyers.

Your house may be special but your Realtor knows your competition. Hire Professionals. Listen to the Professionals. And don’t take it personally.

Price AND Presentation are both important. One without the other will usually result in zero offers.

Do your homework to find a Home Stager and Realtor that will work for you and maybe even have some Tough Love for you. A professional Home Stager and a Realtor have your best interests at heart.

Tastefully Staged