The Summer That Wasn’t??

I really am thinking this Summer didn’t happen. Did I blink and it was gone? June was 11 days long, July about 7 days long and August about 3 days long. No really!


I heard told that the older we get the faster time goes and I truly believe that. But at this rate I will be 90 in a couple months.

Is it just my age making things go faster or was it other things?

First we started with a really cold, gray, gloomy and rainy June. It was the end of June before we really spent any time outside here in Minneapolis.

Then there was work. Work, work and more work. All good and it is great to be busy but the days were jammed pack from early morning to late at night.

Too much work

Then my Mom’s health has been declining so I have made many trips to Fargo, lost sleep worrying and spent hours trying to manage her care from a distance.

I didn’t get to the outdoor restaurants I normally get to.

I didn’t get to the outdoor pool at my health club as much as I wanted to.

I want the summer to start over!! 

So what about you? Did your summer actually happen?

If so I hope it was a good one. If not why did it go so fast for you?