The Story of a Chair

If a chair could tell a story I wonder what it would say? Especially this chair.


Chair before


I saw this chair in a house that was going to be remodeled; I was hired to do all the design selections and then stage it. When I saw the chair I knew it was a classic, well made and had been a stunner in it’s day.


Who had owned it? What stories had it heard?



Chair 2 before


Chair 3 before



The house had basically been abandoned after a death and estate issue. I asked the investor if I could have the chair and he said “sure.” I called my upholsterer, had him pick it up and I went on a hunt for fabric. It got a new look, face lift, some new guts and delivered back to me all spiffed up.

When I went to stage this home I just knew the chair had to go back for one more HURRAH! To say “Here I am back to my full glory!”


Here is the chair, back in the home where I found it.


Chair after




Chair 2 after


The house sold in a couple days with multiple offers and over the list price. I think this chair is smiling about that. It now sits in my living room where it commands a focal point, will continue to hear more stories,  and support many ‘seats’.

The moral of this story….don’t overlook the old. What was meant for the trash can become a treasure once again. The story of life perhaps?

If you want to see all the photos from this complete renovation here is a link to my previous blog showing all the before and after photos.  “A St Paul Renovation”


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