The Smartest Way To Sell Your House? Do Your HomeWork

Below is a blog written by Sharon of Sharon Tara Transformations, a home stager in New Hampshire. What she has to say is relevant in MN and any area of the country and I wanted to re-blog it here for you:

The smartest way to sell your house is to do your Home Work.

There is so much complaining about the market – the state of real estate…doom and gloom and falling prices.   What’s a seller to do? 

I’ll tell you what not to do…don’t fall prey to the headlines.   Many sellers in New Hampshire are doing just that.  One after another they are becoming “price reduced” statistics.  

If you want your house to sell, take control and take action– Do Your Home Work!

Strategically marketed products sell…

Those in tune with today’s market know that the key to the sale is preparation.


Do your homework and find out what houses comparable to yours have sold for recently.

Do your homework and find the agent that will best represent you. 

Do your homework and have a home inspection to avoid costly surprises later.

Do your homework and find a professional home stager to give you advice on the best presentation.


Consult with your team of professionals to create a list of needed improvements to transform your house into a “market ready” product for sale.  Once you have been advised on what needs to be done…do your home WORK…

pull up your sleeves and do the work or hire someone to do it for you.

Once the house is show ready, make sure your online photographs represent a spacious, well maintained, emotionally appealing home.  Maintain the appearance for every showing.

Buyers want move-in ready…

For the best possible result…DON’T LIST your house until your preparation is complete