The Proof Is In the Pudding! Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN

“The proof is in the pudding”. What the heck does that even mean? 

Is it Blueberry Pudding?


Osceola Before 1


Lemon perhaps?

Osceola Before 2

Peach with mint on the bottom?

Osceola Before 9

Or cherry??

Osceola Before 19

I don’t know, but pudding may not be the best idea when it comes to Home Staging. 

I was brought in for a Home Staging Consultation on this 1890 Historical Home that is on the National Registry of Historical Places.

It had been on the market for six months without a single offer. 

I gave some suggestions such as:

Paint the walls a more neutral color (even though the yellow was a historical color choice from Benjamin Moore it was too taste specific for selling). I also recommended taking down the drapes so the buyer could see the incredible windows and their magnificent height.

Osceola Before 4

The Dining Room had an antique table in it but even though the home is historic not everyone likes antiques. I recommended the home be staged with more modern furnishings.

Osceola Before 7

In the family room I recommended they remove the carpet as original hardwood floors were underneath.

Osceola Before FR 2

The kitchen was getting negative feedback due to the long open wall area and lack of counter space. I recommended they purchase a portable island to create more counter space, put in pendant lights to create some drama and stage the area with an eat-in area.

Osceloa Before 10

Tiny bedroom? Let’s make it an office.

Osceola Before 16

Master Bedroom…..let’s spice it up a little. (is there spice in pudding??)

Osceola Before Master

So……here is how the flavors turned out.

The entryway is now a stunning start into the journey through this beautiful home.

Osceola After 1

The Lemon is now a mild Chocolate Latte enhanced with a touch of formal but still modern and casual.

Osceola After 2

Osceola After 3

Osceola After 4

The chocolate latte carries into the Dining Room and the old table is replaced with new but still classy.

Osceola After 7

The Family Room now has original wood floors and no more peach!

Osceola After 9

The kitchen… has more counter space, check out the cool pendant lights, and an eat-in area in the kitchen is so valuable!

Osceola After 10

Osceola After 12

It was best if they painted the bathroom but that wasn’t possible for a couple reasons so hey….sometimes you need to work with what you have and turn a negative into a positive.

Osceola After 19

Osceola After 20

And a little room becomes a great computer and study room. 

Osceola After 16

And hey…..make them laugh while they are there.

Osceola After 17

Osceola After 18

Now the Master Bedroom looks more inviting…..

Osceola After 13

Within two days the buyer received two offers for almost full price.

So…..I guess the Proof Is In the Pudding STAGING!! I definitely know what that means!

Osceola After 8

  If you are dealing with any flavors of your own and need some advice, call 952-567-1124 and let a professionally trained certified Home Stager give you a hand. Or check out our website for more before and after photos.