The Most Common Mistakes I See in People’s Homes – Part 4; Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis, MN

The Most Common Mistakes I See in People’s Homes – Part 4

Home Staging and Redesign in Minneapolis, MN

What are the most common mistakes people make in their homes? As a Home Stager and Designer I see them over and over and they are quick and easy to fix.

Check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of this series to see the first of the four mistakes I feel are the most common mistakes I see when I walk in to people’s homes.

The fourth and last in the series is:

Artwork Hung too High

I see this all the time. Artwork most typically should be hung at eye level…..eye level for someone at about 5’4”. If you are 6′ tall the center of the artwork will be approximately shoulder level.

Artwork hung too high is kind of “hanging out there”.
Pun intended :). It isn’t part of the room when it is up in the rafters. You’ll be surprised what a few inches will do. The eyes come down into the roomas the arwork becomes part of the room.

There are many instances where artwork may be hung even lower. An example of this would be if you have a chair with an accent table and a table lamp.

Artwork positioned in the nook of between the lamp and chair should be very low creating a vignette with the grouping.



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Another example of of artwork hung lower than eye level would be on either side of a bed. You want the artwork to be part of the bedroom setting, not up high all by itself.


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If you are uncertain where your artwork should be hung get someone to hold it for you and step back and take a look.


Or easier yet call Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign and let them hang it for you!


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