The Most Common Mistakes I See in People’s Homes – Part 3 ‘Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis, MN’

The Most Common Mistakes I See in People’s Homes – Part 3

I see many mistakes that people make in their homes when I go in to assist them in Staging their home for sale or on a Redesign visit.

It seems as though there are four “common” mistakes that I see over and over. In each of Part 1 and Part 2 of the series I listed one of these common mistakes and the third mistake I see a lot is:
The absence of a coffee table.

A coffee table grounds the room and pulls it together. It provides the central spot of the conversation area. Besides being visually appealing it serves a purpose; it provides your guests a place to rest their beverage or for you to place snacks. It can even provide great storage within the table or hidden inside.

Coffee Table Crystal Bay

A coffee table works even in a small area. A bench that is only 12″ – 18″ wide makes a great coffee table in a limited space or two cubes placed side by side also is a space saver.

Black Wicker in Sun Porch

If you have children and are worried about sharp corners, a large leather or upholsterd ottomans is the way to go.

Coffee tables from ottoman
In my opinion a living area without a coffee table is an incomplete room. If feels as though something is missing and there is!!

Don’t feel bad if you are making any of these mistakes. That is why they are “common”.

For more great ideas on how to finish off your space whether selling or staying, Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign can assist you.