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Is There a Movie that Relates to You or Your Business??

Is there a movie that relates to you or your business?

Think hard…..I bet there is. I was thinking about it when the answer hit me like a TON OF BRICKSLiterally. LOL

I am many things in Life but the most important are:

1) A Woman of God

2) A Wife

3) A Big Dog Mom

And duh….what better movie to depict a HUGE (another intended pun) part of my life than Mom to St. Bernards.   We not only have our own St. Bernards but my husband and I also are a part of “St. Bernard Rescue”, taking in Saints that have been abandoned and abused and nursing them back to health until they find their forever home.

Whether they are with us a week or six months….I cry when our foster kids leave. The only good part is we have final say in the home they are going to so that helps.

The Saints we have had as our very own forever kids: Baxter, Savanna, Princess Ann, Barkley, Roby, Ilean (she leaned on everything and everybody…”I Lean” …get it? LOL….she came with her own warning), Timber, Sally and our new addition as of Sunday, Annika.

Annika is 8 1/2 years old and her previous Dad is losing his home to foreclosure and the house he will be renting does not take dogs. Annika needed a place to spend the last few years of her life but it is really tough to place a dog that is 8 1/2 years old when their life expectancy is 8 – 10 years.  After living outside in a dog run for 8 1/2 years, within an hour of being with us Annika had found a blankie in my husband’s office and was snoring. AAhhh…I love that sound.

The Saints we have fostered are: Jake, Brutus, Scooby, Belle, and Benjamin. (not as many as our fosters tend to become our forever kids, ha).

So we now have three St. Bernards in our home. We have six in Heaven.

Take a look at who I am as a person through my family photo album:

We have Birthday Parties:


Roby's Birthday


We drink wine (Dog House wine if you take note):


Roby and wine

We take naps:


TT and Sally sleeping

We have bath time:




Take Sunday drives:


Sally in convertible


And get into trouble…….(“Oops…that open container on the counter wasn’t for me?”)


Sally w yogurt


The movie Beethoven has nothing on me! It could have been filmed at my house. LOL


Timmys nose

Take a look at this movie trailer to get a glimpse into my life! LOL