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I Have A New Favorite Color. Dill Pickle! Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN

You know that jingle…..”Gedney…It’s the Minnesota Pickle”. Well….if you are not from MN you probably don’t know it but it is a great pickle made here in MN and their commercials can stick in your head for awhile.

When I go to the MN State Fair I always stop by the Dill Pickle booth and get the Fried Dill Pickles stuffed with Cream Cheese. OH MY GOSH is what I say.

Okay….I digress completely. This really is a Design Blog! Not a Food Blog!! LOL

As much as I love Pickles and as much as my favorite color is Lime Green….there is a paint color by Benjamin Moore called Dill Pickle so how could it be bad?? And it’s not.


I have been wanting to paint this boring white outdoor table I have for 2 years. Plus the tin top had gotten very weather beaten.


Table before


Table Before


I finally got a little break in my schedule and got going.

It was okay white….but it’s outside. Let’s have some fun!



Table After


So there is Dill Pickle the paint color for you. What do you think?

I spray painted the worn stainless nautical lamp in gloss white as well to perk that up. Much better.


Table After


This color is part of Color Preview by Benjamin Moore. A collection of bold, saturated colors that brings spaces to life for those looking to illuminate their world with pure, extraordinary color.

Have some fun! Eat Dill Pickles and paint Dill Pickle. It’s only paint for crying out loud!


Be Inspired! Add some pieces that make you smile.

Table Patience


Table Words


Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN




How To Create an Outdoor Living Space: Ideas and Inspiration (Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis, MN)

How to Create an Outdoor Living Space: Ideas and Inspiration. (Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis, MN)

In my personal opinion outdoor square footage is as valuable as the indoor square footage in the Spring, Summer and Fall. It is a space so valuable to me I can’t imagine not making it as cozy as a room in my home.

When you go to sell your house of course it is not “counted” as square footage but can it add value in the buyer’s eyes? Absolutely. They see it as another living space already done for them and most people love the outdoors, especially for entertaining.

So how do you create one? Here’s what I did……….…

1)      Find comfortable furniture. This is key. If the furniture makes your back side sore after a short period of time you won’t spend any time there and you’ll be heading inside for the comfy furniture.

Outdoor Living Spaces in Minneapolis, MN

2)      Color. Who doesn’t love color outside. It is all around you in nature and why not add it to your outdoor living space. Multi-colored pillows is a quick fix and of course the easiest way to create color is flowers. Flowers, flowers, and more flowers in my opinion. And don’t be shy with the throw pillows. Flowers come in multiple colors so use multiple colored pillows as well.

Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN

3)      Lighting. This sets the mood as well as extends the hours of enjoyment in your space.  As the sun slowly sets a couple lights turned on in your space create atmosphere and warmth. You’ll find yourself lingering over a game or curled up with a book long after the sun has gone down. Or, if you are like my husband, we now have a TV cable outside and watching baseball lying on the outdoor sofa at night is almost better than being at the game.

Interior Design Minneapolis MN

4)      Water Feature. This brings tranquility. Who doesn’t love hearing the soft sound of water in the background. I made my water feature a personal one, a St. Bernard drinking from a fountain.  It looks just like one of my St. Bernards and now that he has passed away I bring out my ‘Roby’ fountain every Spring and think of him.

Redesign Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN

5)      Incorporate Flea Market Finds. Not only will they save you money they add character and charm as well. Here a flea market table is one of my favorite things on the patio. A flea market wood crate that holds flowers adds extra color. An old wood bench can make a great coffee table or put a few colorful pillows on it for additional seating.

Home Staging and Redesign St. Paul, MN

6)      A St. Bernard. Oh, just kidding…….just passing through. LOL

Interior Design St. Paul, MN

7)      And if you have the space, a small bistro table in the sunshine to enjoy the morning paper with a cup of coffee.

Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN

I hope these ideas inspire you to create an outdoor living space or jazz up the one you already have. Spring is finally here in the North so get out and enjoy!

If you would like assistance with your outdoor space Rooms With Style would be happy to help.


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