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Outdoor Fireplace Tables are Hot! Hot! Hot!


Yes, that pun was intended.       Outdoor gas fireplace tables are all the rage and you see them everywhere.

It started out that you saw them on the patios of upscale restaurants. Then you saw them on the patios of most restaurants. Now you are seeing them on many residential patios.

They have become so popular that furniture stores are selling them adding competition for the fireplace stores. I think they have become so popular because they are an added extension to your outdoor living space.   For a lot of us our outdoor summer season is short and we want to be outside as much as possible. With the gas fireplace table, your outside season just got longer!

The wood burning fire pits are nice don’t get me wrong. They smell SO good! But they can be a pain. You need to have them on a  surface that won’t burn or scorch, you have to buy or cut the firewood and then you need to make sure the fire is completely out before you walk away and leave it.

A gas fireplace is a quick turn of a switch and you have instant beautiful flames and when you are ready for bed you turn the switch off.

They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and price ranges.

I have to admit I got one a couple months ago. I really wasn’t sure if I would use it that much, especially in the heat of the summer, but I can honestly say it is my favorite area on my patio. Even on sunny warm summer evenings I have it on low for ambiance. When the cool nights move in this fall I will crank it up and I may even bundle up and sit around it on a nice winter day.



If you are drawn to the fire tables at restaurants and are thinking you have a spot to enjoy one, I wouldn’t hesitate if I were you!

Sit back and enjoy. I am….I am sitting on that chair right in front of you typing this blog post!


Add Some Color to Your Life!

For some reason I have been into color lately. In my clothes, my work, and my home. Maybe it is because it is finally Summer and the dull winter is finally over.

Here are a few examples of how I added color recently to my life and it was SO easy. I bought some spray paint and things that were previously white or brown became colorful. Tables, candle holders and more. 


End Table



Roby Fountain 1


ZOWEY!! A few cans of vibrant spray paint from Rustoleum and look at all the happy color. 

 I also bought more colorful flower pots and throw pillows.



Hot Tub



Flower Pot


How is that for adding color? If you are hesitant about adding color into your life start small. A throw pillow, a vibrant scarf and the easiest is something outdoors.

Nature is filled with color so why not add to it.  May you have a wonderfully blessed summer!!




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I Have A New Favorite Color. Dill Pickle! Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN

You know that jingle…..”Gedney…It’s the Minnesota Pickle”. Well….if you are not from MN you probably don’t know it but it is a great pickle made here in MN and their commercials can stick in your head for awhile.

When I go to the MN State Fair I always stop by the Dill Pickle booth and get the Fried Dill Pickles stuffed with Cream Cheese. OH MY GOSH is what I say.

Okay….I digress completely. This really is a Design Blog! Not a Food Blog!! LOL

As much as I love Pickles and as much as my favorite color is Lime Green….there is a paint color by Benjamin Moore called Dill Pickle so how could it be bad?? And it’s not.


I have been wanting to paint this boring white outdoor table I have for 2 years. Plus the tin top had gotten very weather beaten.


Table before


Table Before


I finally got a little break in my schedule and got going.

It was okay white….but it’s outside. Let’s have some fun!



Table After


So there is Dill Pickle the paint color for you. What do you think?

I spray painted the worn stainless nautical lamp in gloss white as well to perk that up. Much better.


Table After


This color is part of Color Preview by Benjamin Moore. A collection of bold, saturated colors that brings spaces to life for those looking to illuminate their world with pure, extraordinary color.

Have some fun! Eat Dill Pickles and paint Dill Pickle. It’s only paint for crying out loud!


Be Inspired! Add some pieces that make you smile.

Table Patience


Table Words


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