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Let’s Help the Gulf Coast of Florida- Get the Word Out

Let’s help the Gulf Coast by getting the word out, almost all the beaches are open and beautiful! There are only three beaches in Louisiana closed due to the oil spill, all others have clear turquoise water and white sand beaches.

This is a disaster for our country and our environment, the best thing we can do to help this area is to support them with our dollars. After Sept 11th, New York City needed tourists to help them after the devastation it went through, the Gulf Coast needs it now.

For the people and businesses of the Gulf Coast Region this is their high season. It is not like other areas of Florida whose high season is during the winter months. In the Panhandle Region of Florida and the Gulf Coast their high season is March through August and they are suffering. Beaches of Panama City Beach

Many businesses are Mom and Pop owned hotels, restaurants, shops, jet ski rentals and coffee houses. What they make during these few months pays their bills and mortgages for the entire year.

I understand why people are nervous, they have one week a year to take a vacation and they want it to be perfect. But it is! The oil has not come close to the coasts of Florida, they are as beautiful as ever and I will say from personal experience, they are the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World!

If you have not yet planned your summer vacation and have never been to the Gulf Coast Region, now is the time to go. Consider a long weekend to the area. If you haved planned a vacation to the region don’t cancel.