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I Grew Up In A Ghost Town

I Grew Up In A Ghost Town

Do you ever see pictures of those deserted towns or drive through one on your way somewhere important and think to yourself:

“I wonder who lived here?”


Edge of Town

“I wonder what it was like…..did they have dreams for themselves?”


Abandoned Car

Well I do know who lived there…… I did. This was my home.


My House


Kind of weird to say those words, “I Grew Up In a Ghost Town” but I did.

Oh of course when I lived there it wasn’t a ghost town, it had a bar (my best friend Nancy’s Dad owned the bar):


Berwick Bar


It had a post office:


Post Office


It had a town hall where I danced standing on my Dad’s feet and holding onto his belt loops:


Town Hall

It had a two room school house (no longer standing) that closed after I finished second grade so there was no longer a school in town.

It had a grocery store run by Elmer and Francis and they lived above the store.

We lived right next to them on Main Street.

Do you want to know what it was like?

Berwick Town Hall


It was normal.

Well….I didn’t know any different so I thought it was normal.

I thought going to the outhouse during recess was normal.



Berwick Out House


I thought going to the pump in the center of town to pump water for cooking and drinking was normal.

Didn’t everyone do that?   I did…..many times a day.


Town Pump


I thought playing on the railroad tracks and in the dirt were normal.


So, “Who lived here?” I did….. “What was it like?”…….it was normal, it was all I knew.


Berwick Home


The next time you drive through or see pictures of a Ghost Town think of me. Some of  the ghosts are still alive.