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Mr. Cutie Pie Finally Has His Own TV Show!!

Yes, finally Mr. Cutie Pie has his own TV show and it started yesterday. Nate Berkus, Mr. Cutie Pie, had his season premier of his first ever TV show and I am so happy!

I used to DVR Oprah just to scroll through to see when Nate was on the show. He is one of the most talented designer’s plus he is the sweetest guy. Last night I watched his first show that I had recorded.

Of course Nate found a single Mom down on her luck, who had lost her Dad, had been laid off from her job, struggling to keep her house for her boys and it was a shambles. He did a full Kitchen Makeover and I cried through the whole thing.


Nate Berkus


Nate put into words what I have always thought about the color black. In his words but not exact….something like this: “Black highlights create a place for the eye to stop. It grounds everything in a room. Other colors you use with black end up looking stronger and more powerful”. Exactly!! I couldn’t have said it anywhere near that well. I guess that is why I don’t have my own TV show.  I just know I love to use a little black in every room as it grounds the room and adds strength. But look how he said it!

So, Nate….I am so glad you have your own show and I don’t have to record Oprah looking for your guest appearances. www.thenateshow.com