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Whenever I Think of Our Military I Start to Cry

Whenever I Think of Our Military I Start to Cry.

 It doesn’t matter where it is. A story on TV. A soldier walking on the street in his/her uniform.

What really affects me is when they have our veterans and current soldiers stand at church and we pray for them and their families.

I have tears streaming down my face right now. I seriously can’t think of them without crying.

They do so much for us. They give up precious years with their families, they lose limbs, they suffer emotionally and financially, and some give up their lives.

Wow….they are my earthly heros without a doubt.



In Memory of Our Brave Soldiers 


I salute you Military members current and past and your families. May God Bless you All.

Today is a good day to take the time to watch and listen and honor.