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A Recipe for the Season

We’ve had our first snow here in Minnesota, but it still feels a bit like fall. The days are shorter, the nights longer, and it feels like just the right time to share a recipe for the season. Here’s my current, feel-good, recipe for cozy comfort during our transition to winter:

Horizontal closeup photo of a batch of Ridiculously Easy Orange Cranberry Scones on a metal cooling rack with parchment paper underneath.

The Café Sucre Farine

Cranberry Orange Scones

I love fresh, homemade scones. They are such a treat! You might be thinking, “but they are so tedious to make!” I promise you, they’re not! Check out this awesome “drop” scone recipe perfect for cold weather. It’s the first ingredient of our recipe for comfort this winter.

North Shore Blend

Fika Coffee


Next up is my favorite coffee, made right here in Minnesota! FIKA coffee is roasted with love in Lutsen, MN on the North Shore. Our family loves it so much we have a subscription to have bags of beans delivered right to our home! Fika is Swedish for “coffee and cake break” which is the perfect daily practice as the weather turns cold. Especially if you can add a friend or two to the mix!


Northern Exposure Pottery


What good is coffee without your favorite mug to drink it in? The best mug I’ve had for years and year is handmade by Jim Bjork and Northern Exposure Pottery. My mug is style I, with a mauve rim, because of course it matches my favorite candle! I have the honor of knowing Jim and his graphic designer, Hailey Ullrich, so I can assure you, you can feel extra good about supporting wonderful people when purchasing what I’m sure will be your favorite mug, too!

Book by the Fire - Illume Candles

Illume Candles


Nothing shifts an environment quicker than a candle. The soft light, the scent, it can turn your mood right around! My absolute favorite candle, maybe of all time, is Book by the Fire by Illume. It comes in a beautiful mauve color scheme and is scented with sweet orange, tobacco blossom and vetiver.

Barnes and Noble


Nothing calms me more than getting lost in a good book. Right now, I am really relying on The Book of Comforts. Whether you’ve experienced a recent loss and are grieving, or are just feeling down with the cold and dark of the season, this book is full of colorful, comforting scripture and devotionals to soothe your soul. It is written by a group of friends who experienced the hardest parts of life together and banned together to share their experiences with the hope of offering comfort to others.



To finish off our recipe for comfort, I share with you the best blanket, also in mauve (are you seeing a pattern here?). I found mine at my local Home Goods store, but it also available on Amazon. It is the softest blanket, and comes in a Twin size, which means it’s big enough for the whole family to cozy up underneath it and watch a movie or read books. If you need a movie recommendation, we recently watched The Music Man with our 2.5 and 4 year olds, and it was a huge hit!

As we’ve talked about in a few blogs as we transition to winter, I hope you find rest and comfort, and allow your body to follow the rhythms of the season. Enjoy!


Guest Blogger: Katya Larsen, Stager, A Home Revival