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I Taught My First Community Ed Class! Home Staging Minneapolis, MN

I Taught My First Community Ed Class! Home Staging Minneapolis, MN


After years of turning down teaching and speaking opportunities I finally said yes. Last fall I was asked to teach three Community Ed classes in different suburbs of Minneapolis and I said yes.

I have been working on the agenda and Power Point “before and after” pictures for weeks but not really thinking about the words.

Then, two weeks ago I was asked to be on the Radio for an hour long Home Show Program with only a 2 day notice. My post “I Was On the Radio Last Night” tells of that experience.

I just ‘winged it’ for the radio show and decided I would do the same for the Community Ed class. It was great!

Of course I still had the power point because pictures are worth a thousand words, but I had nothing on a list to say. I know the subject inside and out and I just wanted to be me. What you see is what you get!

Community Ed

It was a small class so it was perfect. Everyone asked questions specific to their homes they are trying to sell, we had interactive exercises, and I brought candy. LOL

What fun. I didn’t think I would ever say that but really truly it was a blast. My next two are in May and I have a couple ideas to make it even better but I am really looking forward to them. Who would have thought that??

So if you get the opportunity, go for it!