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Outdoor Urns for the Winter Months – Home Staging and Redesign MN

I love outdoor urns in the winter months. They add so much to the front of your house in the cold and drab winter months in the Northern Lands.

Start with basic treetops that you can buy almost anywhere….I got mine at Home Depot in two different heights.

It doesn’t matter what size or color of your urns. I have large black urns by my garage doors as they are a great contrast to the light tan house color.




On the front step I have a smaller white urn that is softer in appearance.




The #1 way to add interest to your Urns is to use different colors and textures of greenery.


Add some twigs and a birch bark branch. These basics in the urn will get you through until April when you are ready to plant flowers.


Urn 19


For the Holiday Season add some drama and pizzazz. You can choose classic and formal or you can do what I did and add some whimsy.

Why not lime green with glitter!


Urn 13


Sparkly white and red for the Christmas touch.


Urn 4


The urns can bring a smile to your face. They are Happy Urns!




Add a touch of glam…..


Urn 5


Gold bejeweled twigs also pick up the sunlight….


Urn 17


Make your guests want to walk up and see what you have hidden…..


Urn 10


Do the unexpected…..





Have some fun with your Outdoor Urns this winter season and think ‘outside’ the box!