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If You Are a Dog Lover You Need to Read This!

I found the amazing site for things to do with your dog and I am not exaggerating when I say it got me (and my dog and hubby) through the Polar Vortex!   st-bernard-dog

The site is called Sidewalk Dog. The opening sentence on their site is: “Sidewalk Dog Media is a cause-based company with a simple mission: To promote thriving relationships between dogs, their people, and the community we share.” dog-or-cat-paw-print

You will find so many things to do with your dog that you didn’t know existed. Plus dog friendly malls, hotels, shops and restaurants. Sidewalk Dog has expanded to Chicago, Denver and Seattle as well.

When you sign up for their newsletter you will get updates on all the dog friendly happenings in town, most of which you won’t want to miss. I mean who doesn’t want to go to Yappy Hour!! A great place for pups to meet for K-9 company and the ‘hoomans’ can get a bite as well.

The site points you to dog friendly events, restaurants, brew pubs, stores and more. Lots of info on Dog Parks as well. But now here is my favorite part. Their Dog Friendly Brewery Pass and Dog Friendly Treat Pass!!

The indoor brewery pass was the life saving part of the most horrible winter ever for us! For $20 you could buy a pass to 17 of some of the best Brew Pubs in Minneapolis and you get a free hand crafted beer at each of them! Pups are allowed inside so on those blustery cold days your pooch can socialize with other pups, get lots of pats from other dog crazy people, and Mom and Dad get a free beer while playing a board game or cards. What’s not to love!


Most of the brew pubs have food trucks and many even have special events for the pups.

The new Summer Brewery Pass is out and it includes 32 brew pubs, some of which dogs are not allowed inside but they have dog friendly patios.

A super cool new pass is the Dog-Friendly Treat Pass. There are 20 restaurants and stores to visit that offer a free treat for your dog, you or both! Turkey Muttloaf (that is for your dog not you), ice cream treats, coffee (that’s for you  not your dog) and more!



I just got my ‘Treat Pass” and Hazel (my St Bernard) can’t wait to get out to meet more new friends and start enjoying the free treats!





It’s Sunday So Guess Where I Will Be?

It’s Sunday So Guess Where I Will Be?

The obvious choice would be Church. Well yeah I went there too but some weekends I go on Saturday night so wrong answer.

Next obvious choice, Perkins for Omelets and Pancakes! Nope but it is sounding good.

It is Sunday and that means one thing for sure.


My kids wait and wait and wait for Sunday to come. All we have to do is get out our tennis shoes and the laps around the house start and Timber runs and gets his leash. Sometimes he even gets his sister’s leash for her. He is sooooo helpful.

So….here is what someone has to say about it:


“I Can’t Believe We are Finally Here!!” 



Oh Boy We're Finally Here!



“Come On Mom Hurry Up Already……”

 Hurry Up Mom!



“Forget It…We Aren’t Waiting for You Anymore”. 


 Foget it we aren't waiting anymore!!


“Yeah! A Dog to Play With!!” 


A Dog to Play With!! 


“I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I Just Can’t Stop Bounging!!” 

 I Am so Excited I Just Can't Stop Bounging!



“Get A Load of My Brother’s Tongue!” 


Have you ever seen a tongue this long? 


“Ahhhh…..water at last. A girl only drinks out of the jar at the dog park you know.”

 (Seriously, she won’t drink out of her bowl at the dog park).



Hope your Sunday is extra Special Too! Signed…..Sally.


Best Dog Park in Dakota County is in Rosemount, MN

I think the Best Dog Park in Dakota County is “Dakota Woods” in Rosemount, MN. Rosemount is in the south east metro area of Minneapolis and just on the edge of Lakeville, Farmington and close to Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan and Inver Grove Heights. Dog Park Pictures

This Dog Park has a huge field for the dogs to run, rump and play together; plus they have numerous large trails cut through the woods with a mulch base. If you and your pup are adventerous, you can cut into some of the less traveled trails. Dog Park


We love going to the dog park. Our dogs run circles around the house when we tell them they are going. With one dog at 155 pounds and the other at 192 pounds, running laps in the house is not a good thing!! Even though they have a huge back yard to run and play the dog park is “all that” and then some!

We have tried numerous Dog Parks in the Southern Metro area of Minneapolis, MN and this one is the best by far. Our dogs LOVE IT! Check  out these pictures from one of our weekly visits this winter, this is the true meaning of joy for our pups.




Dog Park in Rosemount, MN