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Brighten Up Your Winter with the Color of the Year!


Each year Pantone, known as the global authority on all things color, releases their pick for the color of the year. The choice is meant to act as a trendsetter and inspiration for fashion, marketing, design, and other color saturated industries in the year to come.

For 2023, Pantone chose a bold, bright, energetic color for the year – Viva Magenta. They want the color to provoke feelings of strength, power, and a connectedness to nature. The tone originated from a carmine dye produced by the cochineal beetle, linking us to the exquisite elegance of nature, herself.

If you’re anything like me, you see a swatch of Viva Magenta and think, “how in the world am I going to incorporate this bright, red color into my life of neutrals and greiges?!” The genius of the color is it pairs beautifully with both warm and cool palettes, so we are left with an abundance of options to spice up our life with Viva Magenta!

Here are just a few ways to brighten up your 2023 with Pantone’s color of the year:

The Mercury Gallery

Add a splash of color to a monochromatic palette.

Burke Décor

Update your powder room with a bold wallpaper. Half baths are the perfect place to try out funky design!


Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and finishes!


Find smaller pieces you can integrate into a neutral motif, such as vases, candles, or throw pillows.


Our Place

Love to cook? Add some color to your kitchen and enjoy the temporary beauty of Viva Magenta on your stovetop, with the safety of being able to tuck away the pan and pot when you’re finished.



In the end, you can always start small and add a cute coffee mug to your collection and call it a day! Design is meant for you to enjoy, so do what feels good and beautiful to you!


Guest Blogger: Katya Larsen, Stager, A Home Revival




I am Now A DCC!! And of Course I Had to Reward Myself!

I am Now a DCC!! And of Course I Had to Reward Myself!

Yes….I just completed my training and received my DCC certification.

No, not Doctor of Chiropractic, that is a DC.

This is much better! Dewey Color Consultant!! How Fun Is That!

Yes, I went throught the two day class to learn now to put together 25,000 color combinations and make no mistakes. I learned so much.

“We Make Color Easy”!



Undertones. Blends. Neutral blends. Split Compliments. Triadic Color Schemes. Achromatic Color Schemes.

What if my client wants a triadic color scheme with a neutral blend? Is that okay??

Now I know with certainty! My clients don’t need to know those terms, I just need to help them decide what colors they love and how to put them together.




Better yet, if a husband and wife have totally opposite tastes in color I now know how to find some common ground. I now have the tools to do so.



What better way than with a new bag. AND WHAT A BAG!!


Hand Bag

It holds my ‘Dewey Color Coordinator’ and ‘Embrace Hue You Are’ Books perfectly plus my note pad.

Isn’t it fun? Oh…and what color scheme is it?? LOL

Are you looking for assistance with color in your home but are afraid of color? Don’t know where to start or what colors to put together?

As a Certified Dewey Color Consultant Shar Sitter from Rooms With Style can give you the confidence to pick the right paint and fabric colors for one or multiple rooms.