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Decorating with Cranberries

I love decorating with fresh elements.  Each year I seem to cut down on my Christmas decorating but I still want to have things that are cheerful for the season.

One of my favorite ways to decorate is with fresh cranberries. It is easy, there are so many options and cranberries are so inexpensive! I just picked up two bags for $1.98 each! And don’t worry, they will last throughout the season as long as your season doesn’t start in October. 🙂



Cranberries and candles are so pretty together. Have them floating in water or just laying on top of a large bowl of cranberries. Do a small piece for a guest bathroom when entertaining or use them in a large table centerpiece.


If you are a little crafty, pin or glue the cranberries to a Styrofoam tree and add a bow.

cranberry tree



cranberry center piece


Add a little snow to your look with Epsom Salts, another inexpensive item, and a sprig of evergreen. So cute!



Put cranberries in a pretty shaped bowl or in a tray with candles. Add in fresh flowers for a special touch.


cranberry star


cranberry tray


cranberry glasses


So many ideas with one simple yet festive item. Use your imagination and see what you come up with! Have fun and Merry Christmas to you.



Can I Decorate My Home for Christmas When It’s for Sale?

As a Home Stager I get that question a lot. There is a very short answer….Absolutely!

Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday that most people understand. If it is your tradition I don’t feel that you need to put that aside just for selling your home. The potential buyer will most likely also celebrate and decorate for Christmas and may appreciate seeing the perfect place for the tree and the warmth of the holiday in their future home.

There are a few caveats, however to decorating your home for Christmas while it is for sale. That caveat being, how into Christmas are you?

If you are a person that loves Christmas and it comes out in your home decorations to the tune that you have 53 bins of Christmas decorations then you may need to tone it down and only use 3-4 of those bins. 🙂




The goal is for the architectural features of your home to still be seen through the Christmas decor. If the decorations are so thick and overwhelming, the buyer will not be able to visual what the house looks like without all the extra items.

It may also make the rooms appear smaller and darker.


     Putting up a Christmas tree is totally acceptable but be a little more conscience of where you place it. Perhaps the traditional spot isn’t the best place when you have people coming through. You may need to put it in a different room or in the lower level. Keep the traffic flow areas open, don’t cover up a beautiful view and don’t get a tree that is so large it takes up most of a room.

One other suggestion I have is to decorate with as little red and green as possible. I know those are the traditional Christmas colors but the more you can use gold, silver, and white will keep the space more neutral and not clash with your regular color scheme.




I hope that gives you some guidance on how to still enjoy the Christmas season in  your home while having potential buyers taking a look.

Always get professional advice from a trained Home Stager when selling one of your largest assets.


Easy As 1 – 2 – 3 Holiday Decorating Tips. Home Staging and Redesign MN

“I don’t have time to decorate”.

“I’m starting to dread the holidays because it is so much work”.

“My house is for sale and I don’t have time to take everything out and bring in Christmas items. Plus I need to keep it simple”

“I love the holidays but there just isn’t time for everything”.

“The older I get the harder it is to get it all done”.

Have one of these quotes come from you? Maybe if you are like me it is all of them! Well, the selling part isn’t me but many of you are in the process of selling your home and decorating for the Holiday is a challenge.

I used to decorate for days….and I mean days of decorating for the holiday season. I have at least 25 bins filled with Christmas decor not to mention shelves filled with Christmas Snow Villages.

A few years ago I decided I couldn’t do it all and I needed to pick a few things to make my home feel festive but have it take me only an hour or two to pull together. You can do it too.

The key….keep as much as you can in place and just add a few holiday items to it. Save yourself all the time of carting things to the basement, packing them away only to have to dig them all out again in a few weeks.

Here are some suggestions for my “Easy As 1 – 2 – 3 Holiday Decorating Tips”. If your home is currently on the market these tips will save you a few gray hairs.

Holiday Decortating for Dining Room Center Piece

Don’t remove anything from your centerpiece, leave it as is.  Before……



Just add a string of metallic garland and two metallic Christmas trees. That’s it. Now if your center piece doesn’t look exactly like this it’s okay. My point is take what you have and just add some glitz and glamour.




Holiday Decorating With Urns

It’s easy to take out whatever you have inside your urns.  Before…..


Simply remove the candles and rocks and replace with Holiday Ornaments. Choose ornaments that you like. White satin is timeless and classic. Okay….move the urns to another table in the house and really mix it up! LOL




Holiday Decorating with Trays

We all have them and they are a great decorating tool. If you have a tray on a coffee table, side table or buffet it is so easy to change it up for the holidays. Before….


Add  Christmas Ornaments, a string of garland and a couple funky sparklers. Use the same color ornaments that you used in the urns for a consistent look. In this example I stayed with white but I used gloss ornaments and silver metallic for more shine and a few tone on tone patterned in white.



Holiday Decorating the Tops of Accent Tables

If you have a large floral arrangement don’t struggle to take it away. Use it as a backdrop for your Holiday Scene. Before……


There is nothing better than lights at the holidays so adding something with a string of lights in front of  your arrangement makes it new and fresh for the season without much work.



Holiday Decorating with Open Glass Candle Holders or Lamps

Any open glass item can be changed for the seasons. Candles and lamp bases are the most common. Before……



One $4 glitter filled branch cut into separate twigs and inserted into the base of glass objects changes it from everyday to holiday.


Holiday Decorating with A Special or Meaningful Piece

We all have special pieces that mean so much to us. A piece that has been handed down in the family or a piece that is the heart of the holiday for you. For me it is a Manger Scene.



Putting in a little thought in the first year to simplify the process will turn your “decorating  day” into an hour or two process. But it will look like you spent all day.

Holiday Decorating really can be as Easy As 1 – 2 – 3!



An hour  later…..


If you would like assistance with creating your easy holiday decorating plan contact Rooms With Style.