Sold in 17 Days! Woo Hoo!! Home Staging Minnetonka MN

Sold in 17 Days! Woo Hoo!! Home Staging Minnetonka MN

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Love to get those emails saying a property I staged sold so quickly.

I was hired to stage this vacant home because it had a really tough living room layout. I even stood and scratched my head when I was in the home taking measurements. I normally know immediately the layout I will use or at least have a pretty good idea. This one. Nothing.

If I was struggling and I do this for a living what do you think the potential buyer thought??

Long narrow room, fireplace on one end, traffic pattern down one entire side, patio doors to get access on the other. Yikes!


LR before


A sofa was too long to put crosswise facing the fireplace, and if I put it perpendicular to the fireplace you couldn’t walk behind it to get out the patio door or into the dining room.


LR before


So here is what I came up with:



Even a few colorful things on the counter-tops help the white kitchen.



The small dining room with a strangely placed light fixture were also enhanced with home staging.



The Master Bedroom was not only a little blah, it looked very small. I think this helped:



Don’t leave the buyer standing in the middle of a room baffled and wondering what they would do with their furniture… them! Call a Professional Home Stager and let your house be the one the buyer wants!



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