So, Yesterday was My Birthday….And I was Treated to a Treasure Hunt!

So yes, yesterday was my birthday and I received the coolest treat. I got home from a tiring day of Home Staging Consultations and getting ready for my warehouse sale. My husband and my two 4 legged kids had flowers for me which was the start of the Treasure Hunt for my gifts. What fun!

The first clue: “It is where Timber watches over you sleeping”. (Timber is one of my dogs). There were treats for each dog with the clue to get them to follow along with me. This clue took me forever (I can be slow at times). I went to Timber’s bed which is right next to my bed….makes sense right? No go. I looked in drawers, under the bed, EVERYWHERE.

Finally, my husband says “It’s where Timber watches OVER you sleeping”. Ah ha, we have a picture of a St. Bernard watching a little girl sleeping at a picnic and the girl looks like me when I was little. There was hidden the first gift (new golf cleats for golf shoes) and treats for each dog.

Second Clue: “In a cool place by the Apple Pie” Easy, in the spare bedroom under a painting with Apple Pie in the title and by the air conditioning vent. Gift: New golf shoe bag and of course treats for each dog.

Third Clue:“He sits on guard by the balls of sweaters you have yet to knit”. This took me awhile as I have so many places with balls of yarn in the house but I finally found it next to the St. Bernard statue and there was Danny Gokey’s CD that I have been wanting since March. And two treats for my dogs……..

Next Clue: “It’s where you started the hunt under the sweet music”. Back to the patio and on a shelf under the radio playing my favorite station was the next clue AND treats for my dogs. Did I mention my dogs were having as much fun as me? Note the digging for treats below! 🙂

Final Clue: “Check where Tiger plays?” Huh?? He plays on grass, he plays on greens, (searched the yard), he plays in Florida (I asked if we were leaving for FL that night, but no), well, the only place he plays at my house is on the TV. Yup, in the TV armoire was the final gift. New golf shoes. The Paula Creamer Signature Shoes.

So, how fun was that and how sweet was my husband. Love him dearly. Love my doggy kids. What a hoot.

Treasure Hunt