So Let Me Tell You About Last Night……….

It was the end of a ten hour day volunteering for a Christmas Party for needy families at our church. I’ll post more about that party later……the wonderful hearts of people.

Anyway, it was almost 10:00 PM, we were done cleaning up and getting ready to head home when one of the church members said that we needed to pray with one of the volunteers that was getting her test results back tomorrow, which we did.

The Christmas Tree, that at one time held all the tags for gifts needed for families, (the giving tree) was empty of tags and the church was giving the tree to this woman because she didn’t have one. It was a 7′ tree and I asked her “How are you going to get this home”?

 “Well I hope to get it into my car”.

“Ummm….that might be tough, I have a suburban why don’t I get my husband, we’ll load it up and bring it to your home.”

“Really?….I live 15 miles away”.

“That’s okay”.

Brookstone B9CFAC17 Dunhill Fir Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

It took all we could do to get that heavy tree into my suburban. Then we followed her to her apartment, got a cart, got it up to the second floor and set it up with the lights in her living room. As we went to leave I told her I would pray for great results from the doctor tomorrow. Then she shared her story:

She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Inflammatory Breast cancer last year. Within a few months it traveled to her lungs, her liver and her stomach. She has had a double mastectomy and just finished her radiation and chemo. Today she gets her test results to see if it is gone or spread further. She was scared….she cried. We prayed.

What more can I say. We went to help families that have nothing but here was one of the volunteers, giving of herself, who also didn’t have much. Her name is Lori, she has a 16 year old son. I pray her results today are full of wonderful news.