Small Houses Need Love Too! Home Staging Minneapolis MN

It is so easy to ignore the staging of small houses, thinking that Home Staging is only for the large expensive homes but that is SO not true.

It is my belief that it is just as important, if not more so, to stage the small houses.

Let me show you this great example of a small house in south Minneapolis. 736 total square feet. Yup…that’s it. Many apartments are larger.

One small dining area:


One small bedroom:


One small added on room to the front of the house (what is it?):


And one very small living space. With a 4′ traffic flow needed to get to the bedroom and bath, it leaves less that 6′ to the hearth of the fireplace to create a living area for conversation, TV watching etc.

How would the buyer view this empty living space??



Well let’s show you how the buyer actually saw these spaces…….

The Dining Room has room for a table and you can still walk around it:


The bedroom is big enough for a Queen size bed and two nightstands:


This ‘added on room’ shows duel functions which is so important in a small one bedroom house. It can be an office yet hold a day bed for that guest.


And how about that very tight living area……  Warm and cozy now for sure and plenty of room! 



Both the homeowner and the Realtor  realized the importance of staging this small space and it paid off.

It hit the market on a Saturday, an open house on Sunday and a full price offer came in Monday!!



So show those small homes some love too! They need it even more. 

Shar Sitter, owner Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN.

CHSE and APSD Home Stager Pro Trainer