Pay it Foward: The Drive-Thru Difference

I have been wanting to Pay it Forward at the Drive-Thru for months and I finally did it today. The Drive-Thru where it happened was Star Bucks.

I had to wait a bit to make sure a car would pull in behind me, then I went ahead to place my order at the microphone. I saw that in the car behind me was a young girl and she was driving a fairly old car.

When I pulled forward to pay I told the attendant that I wanted to pay for the car behind me. She said..”Well that is nice of you”. Then she came back and told me that the amount for the car behind me was $9.41. “Do you still want to pay for it?” she asked. I said “Absolutely and please give her this note”: Drive Thru Difference

It’s a little thing….but I hope it made her smile. I prayed for her as I was driving away.

Maybe she was having a rough day, feeling down or grumpy and this brought a spark of happiness. Maybe she was already having a great day and feeling on top of the world. It doesn’t matter….hopefully by me paying for her order her day got even better.

I am going to keep a supply of these notes in my car so I can Pay It Forward – Making a Difference at the Drive-Thru!