Part 5 of a 4 Part Series! LOL

Yes….That’s What I Said. This is Part 5 in my 4 Part Series on “Home Staging is More Than De-Cluttering and Moving Furniture”.

So don’t tell me I can’t count, I know, I know!

I first told you that this would be a four part series featuring one home and suggestions I made in each room. I wasn’t going to include the bedroom and I wasn’t going to include the kitchen because that had been a separate post.

But then I thought, why not highlight the Master Bedroom even if the suggestion was basic? And why not show the kitchen again for those that missed it since it is all the same house.

So, the bedroom.


Bedroom Before


My suggestion: buy some simple luxurious bedding and make this room feel like the best Five Star Boutique Hotel you have ever been in. Think escape, retreat, a sanctuary from the kids and life.

The homeowner decided at the last minute to have me bring in furnishings from my warehouse since I was doing other rooms. This wouldn’t have been needed as there was nothing wrong with her furniture. But she wanted to get settled in her new home.

I also suggested paint for the room and it definitely added warmth.

When staging a bedroom the linens should be neutral but it doesn’t have to be boring. It can be fun and have some pizazz.

Throw pillows, large lamps to frame the bed….you get the idea.


Bedroom After


Bedroom before and after

So now for the kitchen. In my post: “Are Your Kitchen Cabinets Dated But You Don’t Have Thousands of Dollars for New?” I highlighted the kitchen in this home. You can link back and read the entire post but I wanted to recap it here so you can see the entire house with all the suggestions I made. Here is the kitchen.



I suggested painting both the upper and lower cabinets and purchasing stainless steel appliances. What a difference!! The counter tops look like new and the modern “dark on bottom light on top” cabinet mixture looked great.

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Home Staging is so much more than de-cluttering and moving furniture so call Rooms With Style for expert advice on how to get your home in top selling condition.