Part 4: Home Staging Isn’t Just About De-Cluttering and Moving Furniture Around; Staging A Home Minneapolis, MN

Home Staging Isn’t Just About De-Cluttering and Moving Furniture Around – Part 4

Staging A Home – Minneapolis, MN

This Four Part Series takes place in one home and I am highlighting the suggestions I made to the client in various rooms.

Part 4: The Porch

This porch was an addition; built around the original stucco exterior of the home. It looks out onto a stunning landscaped yard. Let’s take a look.

ERRrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkk……hold on! Is it the porch???



Porch Before


Let’s check again……maybe we took a wrong turn.



Denmark Court Before


Nope I think it’s the porch but it sure is looking like an office to me.

Pretty tough to sell a wonderful 4-season porch (a huge plus in Minnesota) when it isn’t looking like a porch.

Easy Home Staging suggestion: Stage it for it’s original purpose.



Denmark Porch After



Denmark Porch After


That’s it. No paint, no repairs, no lighting changes. Just stage it for what it is.


Denmark Porch Before and After



Porch Close Up


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