Part 3: Home Staging Is So Much More Than Moving Furniture; Home Stager Minneapolis, MN

Home Staging Is So Much More Than De-Cluttering and Moving Furniture – Part 3

Home Stager Minneapolis, MN

In this series I have been showing rooms in one home and explaining the suggestions I made in each room.

Part 1 was the Family Room, Part 2 was the Living Room, and Part 3 now looks at the Dining Room.

The suggestions for this room were simple. Simplify and Paint!

The room had too much going on with the table and chairs, chairs in the corners, a huge hutch, a busy rug, and art work that was too small for the walls and not really “dining roomish”.

The furniture was all antique (table needed some repair) which can be beautiful but it sets a tone that isn’t modern or one that a younger buyer can relate to.

The original paint color was not doing much for the room; much like the other rooms in this series as well. I suggested something warmer and with more punch.


Dining Room Before


Throughout this series you have noticed a lot done with paint. I chose one main color throughout the home but added something slightly darker for the formal dining room and something darker yet for the family room.

Although the paint colors were different they are within the same tones so the home still flowed from room to room. Your eye didn’t jump from one extreme color to the next.

Paint color selection is key!!!

Paint is a simple fix for your home whether staying or selling.



Dining Room After


Suggestions do not always need to be huge to make a huge difference.



Dining Room Collage


Rooms With Style will make the suggestions to best fit your budget as well as reach your potential buyer.

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