Part 2: Home Staging Is So Much More Than De-Cluttering and Moving Furniture; Home Staging Minneapolis, MN

Home Staging Is So Much More Than De-Cluttering and Moving Furniture – Part 2

Home Staging Minneapolis, MN

If you saw Part 1 of this series you will remember that I am showing pictures of one home and suggestions I made in each room.

Part 1 showed the Family Room and now lets take a look at the Living Room.

It was the first room you saw inside the front door. Yes the client was moving but they never really used this room so it was empty and neglected.

The focal point of the room is the fireplace and it isn’t looking very happy. The light blue walls are actually making it look even more tired.



Denmark LR Before


Here is the room after. Modern furnishings were rented from my warehouse since the room was empty and needed to set a great first impression. But other than the difference with the furniture what do you notice?



Denmark LR After



My first suggestion was the paint color but what else do you notice???

Clue……look at the fireplace. Do you see the difference in the wood mantel?

I suggested that they paint it white to highlight it, making it a feature of the fireplace as well as making it look more modern.

And an extra little touch…..white birch logs in the fireplace. The white mantel and white logs make a great contrast to all the brown brick.

I also put a picture with color and vibrancy on the mantel, a few tall accessories to further draw your eye up and show off the high ceilings.



Denmark LR Before and After


Home Staging is so much more than de-cluttering and pushing furniture around. Hire a trained expert who can provide the suggestions that will make a room sizzle with excitement.


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