Our Dog Sally

A photo of our family is on the website tab called “About Shar”.  The newer, and of course a very important member of our family, is missing from that picture. At the time that photo was taken, Roby (who is sitting next to me) was with us, and Timber is sitting by his Dad. We had just lost their older brother Barkley and we were trying to readjust to life with just four of us.

Ten months ago we lost Roby who was my buddy and the one that would jump in bed with me whenever the chance arose to snuggle in and steal my pillow.

A month later we adopted Sally. We have not had a photographer out to take a picture of our new family member so I thought it was about time you met her. Okay, I must prepare you……she is a hoot! Her official name is Silly Sally and she fits it perfectly.

She has brought so much joy to us while we were grieving the loss of Roby and the laughter continues. We laugh every day, of course not AT her. Well, actually we are but she is okay with it.

I present Sally, the smallest St. Bernard we have ever adopted at just 155 pounds and who just had her 4th birthday…….. (click on each picture to full size).

So you have met Sally. We love you Sally.