One Bedroom – But Two Home Staging Tips! Home Staging Minneapolis MN

Yes, I am going to give you two home staging tips from this one bedroom.

I purposely took a very average bedroom found in many homes. It isn’t pretty…it isn’t a beautiful model home. It was what many sellers have when the kids have moved out leaving an abandoned bedroom. 

Take a look at this picture and tell me what you would do. BUT, you cannot paint. 

Okay go ahead….what would you do to make this bedroom look better for selling purposes?

Bedroom Before

Bedroom Before Home Staging

Da, da, da, da de da, da da…..(Jeopardy music if you are wondering what that is).

Okay, let’s see if you are correct….

Home Staging Tip #1:

This is an average owner occupied home. In this picture you see what we in the staging industry call ‘taste specific’ paint color. Yes it would be best if it was painted but the owner wasn’t going to do that so now what?

Answer: Down play the color by bringing in another color. 

This bedding ‘matches’ the paint color so if someone doesn’t like this green, they are really not going to like it with the same color on the bed as well. So anytime you have a dated or taste specific color bring in another color or colors to offset it.

Home Staging Tip #2:

Don’t jam the bed up against the wall. You wouldn’t believe how many times I see this.

Bring it away from the wall so you can walk around the bed. Yes, it really will make your room look larger.

Put a nightstand in the corner and add a lamp. Okay…that is Home Staging Tip #3 for a bonus.

Let’s see if these tips made any difference……..

Bedroom After Home Staging

Bedroom After Home Staging

Below is a picture of another bedroom with the bed pushed into the corner just to make my point.

Bed in the Corner….

Bedroom Before Home Staging

 Not in the corner…….

Bedroom After Home Staging

Adding some artwork and a couple things on the dresser helps too. That is Home Staging Bonus Tip #4 so look how much you learned from just this one room!!

Nothing extra special was done to this room, no brand new rented furniture, just a few basic things. What this really shows is that very small changes make a HUGE difference.

If Home Staging can change one guest bedroom just think what it can do with the rest of the house.

There are so many things that a Professional Home Stager can help you with to get your home sold that won’t cost you a lot of money or time and it really, really will make a difference.

So do what all savvy home sellers do:

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