Need a Fast Easy Christmas Treat?

The kids forgot to tell you they need treats for a school party, oops…you need something for the office party or you need to bring something to that cookie exchange.

Whatever it is we always need a super easy yet “Man you went to so much work” type of treat and I have just the one for you.

Chocolate Brownie Christmas Trees!

You literally make a pan of brownies from a box, cut them into triangles and decorate. That’s it. So here is the recipe and how I did it:

First, prepare the brownies per the instructions on the box. Cut them into triangles.

I then added short candy cane sticks to the bottom of the triangles.





Next I added a small line of green icing for garland.





I wanted super easy so I bought prepackaged icing already in tubes. The cookie icing for the garland and the small tubes for the ornaments.




With the small tubes I added the ornaments and a little star on top. That’s it. Super easy, they will look great on a plate of treats and most importantly who doesn’t like brownies!!





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