I love these as we have probably all heard them, or done them ourselves!

1)     Any Remodel is a Good One. Not the case. As I discussed in my last blog you need to check out and consider many things before considering ANY improvement.

2)   “I CAN DO IT MYSELF”. Sure you can. 🙂  All of us have seen the “DIYP” – The ‘Do it Yourself Project’ when our best friend or spouse is so proud of their work but they really should have let a professional do it.

3)    ADDING A POOL ALWAYS ADDS VALUE. Not so. Pools only add value if they are in a climate where they can be used year round. In many cases a pool can reduce the value of a home.

4)   I SHOULD FOLLOW THE LASTEST DESIGN TREND. The key word here is “trend”. That’s what it is, it’ll be on it’s way out before you even get it done. That is fine for $8 throw pillows, not for major improvements.



If you have more myths that you have seen, done or heard, please add to my list!!