My Wish for You for 2011

Inner peace…..true inner peace. That sounds so cliche doesn’t it? But I want it. I think it is possible.

My devotional today was about peace, the kind that doesn’t come from this world or things of this world. Many times I think I’ll have peace when the finances are secure, business is booming, my family is healthy and getting along, my friends are healthy and supportive, etc., etc.

But, do all those things ever come at exactly the same time? And if they did would you really have peace? When business is booming or our jobs busy we have deadlines to meet causing us to loose sleep. When business is slow or we are worried about layoffs we are losing sleep and trying harder.

So my prayer for myself for 2011 is to find a greater peace within. So when those troubles and trials come, and they always do come, my anxiety is lower and my sleep deeper. It is what I am going to work on in 2011.



If I could wish for something for you it would be the same. Regardless of your feelings or what is happening in your life you will have peace.

Blessings to all of you in 2011!