My Warehouse Sale is Over…………Yippee!

So last week I blogged “Did I tell you I am Having a Warehouse Sale…..What was I Thinking?! Well it’s over! And with great success I might add.

I had a wonderful pre-sale day on Wednesday for a couple clients and friends and a TON of things went out the door.

The first morning of the sale was such a mad house I am so glad there were three of us to manage it all. People were grabbing and fighting over things.

Most people that came were bummed that everything was already sold as they loved my stuff and loved the prices! A builder loaded up two HUGE trailers full. Many SUVs went out stuffed with furniture.

Long story short, after the first day 75% of the warehouse items for sale were gone. After Friday, 99.9% of the items were gone. I didn’t even open my doors today! There literally was a few accessories and a couple accent tables left. Unbelievable. Blue table

I put a huge sign on my door for today saying “Sold out but thank you for a successful sale”.

At least 100 of my business cards disappeared, people talked to me about my services and I have almost three pages of email addresses that people ASKED ME if they could leave to be contacted for future sales.

So, I have Saturday morning off, a hundred or so of my business cards floating around the area and dozens of email addresses of potential clients! So, was the hard work worth it? I think so. Please disregard my first post on the subject. 🙂

 Oh, did I mention that now I get to start shopping for new items!