My Top 5 Organization Tips

Are you good at organizing? I can’t say that I am but I find myself wanting to be more organized lately.  I really am starting to not like having so many things on counter tops and I am tired of not being able to find things because I just stuffed it somewhere.

If you are selling  your home you definitely need to get organized and hide the clutter. Here are a few of my favorite things to do to get organized:

1) Kitchen:

I love using collapsible storage cubes. You can get them at just about any big box store and in many colors of fabrics. I use these in my pantry and like how they pull together all those messy things. I have one for small baking items, one for dried packets or grains, one for munchies.

You can pull out the bin, grab what you need and slide it back in. Items aren’t getting crunched, smashed or lost in the back of the pile. The reason I like the cloth cubes over baskets is that they collapse making it easy to fold up and store if you aren’t using them and really easy to pack when moving! Plus, they are much cheaper than baskets.




2) Bathroom:

Do we ever have enough space in a bathroom and feel organized? One thing that may help is using the inside of your cabinet doors for additional storage. Things that you use daily are still easy to reach yet not laying all over the counter top.



*Photo credit Better Homes & Gardens

3) Bedroom:

Under bed storage is my tip for the bedroom! This is a great place for off-season shoes, Christmas sweaters or those jeans you are waiting to fit back into. If you use a bed-skirt or your comforter comes all the way to the floor,  I recommend using clear storage containers that you can slide out and easily see what is in them. If you have an open bed frame don’t worry! There are so many cute under bed storage solutions. Wood drawers, industrial, white and if you are in the market for a new bed frame, consider getting one with built-in storage underneath.



*Photo Credit Get Laid Beds

4) Office:

I think the number one thing for getting more organized in your home office is to get items off the top of your desk. You will just feel calmer without clutter everywhere and you can still make things handy to reach. The best way to do this is by using wall space. My favorite is floating shelves. They come in so many styles and colors that you can make them an actual design element of your office space. They are great for holding books, binders, small containers of supplies, and family photos.

Office shelves

PS….an extra tip….if  your printer is wireless it does not need to sit on your desk. Put it in the closet or cabinet and give yourself more work space!


5) General Living:

There is nothing as convenient to me for organizing than the basic 3-ring binder. The great thing is they aren’t basic and ordinary anymore! They come in so many patterns and colors. I suggest having a binder labeled in each category of life. Medical, Auto, Pets, and School Activities are a few examples. I have a couple binders designated just for recipes that I print off the internet. They sit with my cookbooks so they are nice and handy.  Be sure to put empty plastic sleeves in each binder so you can easily slip in the new piece of information without hunting for the plastic sleeves.




I hope these simple tips were helpful! Happy Organizing!


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