My Most Meaningful Project of 2012.

2012 – My Most Meaningful Project. Home Staging & Redesign Minneapolis MN

At the end of each year I like to look back and think about the projects I have worked on. I had some that were great, some that were easy, some that were tough and of course I had my favorites or most memorable projects.

At the completion of each project I have almost always had fun but there is always one or two that stood out.  For 2012 I had a few:

1) Favorite Home Staging New Construction,

2) Favorite Redesign Project and,

3) Most Meaningful Project

So here is the third of my three ‘2012 Year In Review’ posts: My Most Meaningful Project!

This project won’t make it on the cover of Home Beautiful….it won’t bring any Woos and Haaas over the spectacular furnishings and color.

But….it did bring tears to my eyes and joy to my heart to have the honor to do this quick project.

I received a call one day from a developer that I had staged Model Homes for before but this time he needed some help closer to home. His Mom was going to be moved into a Nursing Home as she was in the final stages of Parkinson’s Disease.

The move was taking place in a couple days and on that day, I only had a few hours to complete the project. My assignment:

1) Pick pieces from her home to take to the nursing home room to make it feel like her home,

2) When I removed pieces from her home….fill in with other pieces so the home looked unchanged, and

3) Do the entire selection, packing, loading, move, unloading (we even moved her hospital bed) and decorate the nursing home room in 3 hours or less.

On the day she was being moved I showed up at her home with my movers and waited to the side as she was put into their vehicle and left her home for the last time.

Her husband of 60 years whom I had never met sobbed in my arms. He couldn’t believe she was leaving their home.

I was then told to also pack up a room of items for the husband as he was going to get an efficiency apartment at the same facility down the hall from her so he would be close by. I still had only 3 hours total!


Nursing Home Room Before:


Nursing Home Before


Nursing Room Before


After: She was greeted with her own items when she was wheeled in…..

Nursing Room After

Nursing Home After

I made sure she was surrounded with small mementos and family pictures.


Nursing Home After


Her Husband of 60 Years: His efficiency down the hall before…..


Efficiency Before


Efficiency Before


A few hours later……A cozy room for him at the end of a very difficult and emotional day.

Bedroom on Left Side:


Efficiency After



And on the right his favorite recliner, TV and an extra chair for his Grand-kids when they visited.


Efficiency After


And a few special photos and mementos to make it seem like home for him. I felt he deserved some flowers too…..


Efficiency After

I want to commend the son for what he did. He wanted his Mom to enter her new home (the nursing home room) having it look as much like her own home as possible.  He also wanted to ease the pain for his Dad in taking her there.

What a true sign of love for his Mom and Dad.

I felt the pressure to get this one right more than any other project. I had 3 hours while they drove her around and fed her lunch to do the impossible but in the end it was the best 3 hour project I have ever done.


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