My Madmen House! Home Staging Minneapolis MN

My Madmen House. Home Staging St. Paul, MN

Yup….I got to stage a Madmen house. Well…that’s what I called it anyway.

Do you watch the TV program “Madmen” set in the 50s and 60s?  


Well I got to stage a Mid-Century Modern Home and had a blast!

The home was built by the home owner who was an Interior Designer. She raised her family in the home and died at age 93.

Everything was original and many things outdated so the children had to decide what to update and what to leave as is. Where was the best place to spend money to get it sold?

They decided staging the home was one of the best places to spend the money rather than on major updates.

Clean lines…..beautiful views…..but it was tired.


Montcalm LR before


Montcalm LR before


Below, do you see the swinging door on the right of the dining room going into the kitchen? When I was a kid I used to watch ‘Family Affair’ and every time Mr. French came through that door I thought “How Hip”! I wanted one.


Montcalm DR before


Yes….the kitchen is dated.


Montcalm Kitchen Before


Yes….the tile in the informal eating area and sun-room is dark and dated.


MontCalm Before


Montcalm Sunroom Before



But oh what potential! Let’s show the buyer what it can look like! The fireplace is stunning and the dated washed paneling got a warm coat of paint.


Montcalm LR after


Keeping true to the straight lines but making it warm and cozy were important. I incorporated one of the original mid-century console tables in the living room to keep the character.




Fresh paint in the Dining Room….but still loving the swinging door.


Montcalm DR after


Again….just fresh lime green paint on the walls to brighten up the look of the original cabinets and refinishing of the original butcher block made a huge difference. (I am standing in the swinging door, ha….yes, I LOVE that door).


Montcalm Kitchen after


I don’t think the dated dark tile is as obvious now!


Montcalm SR after



montcalm sunroom



I staged the home on a Friday. It was ‘officially’ going to be on the market on Monday with a Realtor Open on Tuesday. But….someone came through the property on Sunday and made an offer. SOLD! IN ONE DAY!

If you don’t have Tens of Thousands of dollars to update your home make sure to ask an expert where you should spend the money to get the most bang for your buck.

These sellers knew where to spend their money to get the home sold. Make sure Home Staging is an important part of your budget when putting your home on the market!